My Approach:

If you like your love like Clarence and Alabama Whirley and laugh at the thought of Hugh Grant dancing to "Jump" in Love Actually,  then I may be the right photographer for you.  If you want staged photographs, well that can be done but I think that your life, your love, your heart is far more precious and unique than a backdrop and a forced smile.  At the center of it all is what makes you "you".  To me, the milestones are as precious as the every day. What makes your heart spin like a top? For me it’s tiny fingers, chipped green toenail polish, mustard stained t-shirts, muddy frog rain boots and buttercreme frosting smiles. It's the ring story, the shoes, every little detail of the proposal, the family gatherings, the selflessness of dear friends digging into DIY projects.   If you blink, you may miss those silly, head over heels, knock down gorgeous irreplaceable moments that make your personal stories undeniably yours. These are your extraordinary moments, and I’m humbled to be along for the ride.

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